Name GNIS Location Miscellaneous
Longitude Latitude Map Area
Dilworth Ranch School 291059N 0975412W Stockdale  
Floresville Alternative Center 290906N 0980953W Floresville  
Floresville Early Childhood Center 290818N 0980933W Floresville  
Floresville Elementary Unknown Unknown Unknown  
Floresville High 290842N 0980926W Floresville  
Floresville Middle 290838N 0980916W Floresville  
Floresville Primary 290809N 0980937W Floresville  
LaVernia Alternative 292128N 098064W La Vernia  
La Vernia Elementary 292131N 0980635W La Vernia  
La Vernia High 292129N 0980639W La Vernia  
La Vernia Middle 292115N 0980711W La Vernia  
Lodi School 290825N 0980959W Floresville  
Poth Elementary 290427N 0980500W Poth  
Poth High Unknown Unknown Unknown  
Poth Junior High 290429N 0980456W Poth  
Pulaski School 290259N 0975938W Kosciusko  
Stockdale Alternative Unknown Unknown Unknown  
Stockdale Elementary Unknown Unknown Unknown  
Stockdale High 291353N 0975746W Stockdale  
Stockdale Junior High Unknown Unknown Unknown  
Three Oaks School 285810N 0980754W Three Oaks  

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