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Transcribed from letter in my possession (Linda Blum-Barton).

Floresville, Tex

R F D #2


Dear Uncle,

Will pen you a line or two to advise you of my Fathers death, A H McLean. He died December 1st of typhoid fever. I was not at home when he died but arrived from Mexico in time to see him buried. If Grandma Jones is still alive, advise her of my Fathers death and her sons.

Trusting this will find all well and doing well.

I remain as ever

J R McLean

RFD #2 Floresville, Texas

Transcribed from a letter in my possession (Linda Blum-Barton) written from Ojuela, Durango, Mexico on Dec. 29, 1905 by J R McLane to J F McLean of Woolsey, Ga.....

Ojuela, 12/29, 1905

Mr. J. F. McLean

Woolsey, Ga.

Dear Uncle,

I arrived here yesterday. Will return to work today. How I hated to leave the dear ones at home. I can scarcely realize Father being dead. He was such a stout and robust man. Although had suffered a great deal with sick headaches and at times complained of other troubles. yet it is so hard to realize him gone. I did not get home in time to see him alive in fact when I arrived I met them on the way to the cemetery. My next Brother, C C younger than I was in time to go out with the same train that carried the coffin. My eldest brother Manley of Mexico City, Mexico did not get there or my married sister Nettie of Rockport, Texas- and still another brother, younger than C C, Gilbert, who is in school in Loudon, Ky. Sister Nettie came up afterwards is at home now. No they had not moved from Marcelina have been living there 20 odd years they live at Marcelina but as they have established rural delivery we get our mail direct from Floresville. Marcelina was formerly a P.O. but as it is only a little place and since the R.F.D. has been established they do not handle the mail as formerly. Our mail is layed down in front of our home making it more convenient for ever one on the R.F.D. routes. I would like to know more about Father’s people. I have only met one cousin from Georgia. Cousin Will. If I could get well acquainted enough with my kinfolks there I might pay Georgia a visit some day.

Possibly I may have a cousin there that would like to correspond with me, young man or young lady.

Of course, you know there is a large family of us 12 children and we are well scattered so far only 2 married. My eldest brother and eldest sister. I come next in age. then C C , Gilbert, Lillie, Jessie and Libbie all grown or grown in size. Jessie is only 18 but is the largest boy in the family. Libbie is 16 but about grown in size, then comes the little ones, Guy and Frank - boys - Josie and Effie are the babies - I think they must be about 8 and 10 years of age. I would like to hear about the families of my Uncles.

Wishing all a happy new Year and hoping to hear from some of you.

I remain as ever -

J R McLane

[J R McLane - James Raymond McLane (McLean), son of Allison H. McLane who was born in Fayette County, GA and removed to Texas is writing to his father's half brother, Juan Fernandez McLean, still residing in Woolsey, Fayette County, GA. Juan Fernandez McLean's parents were John McLean & Rebecca Cavender and Allison McLane's parents were John McLean & Martha E. Jones of Fayette County, GA]

Transcribed from a letter in my possession. Written to Mr. J F McLean of Woolsey, Georgia from J R McLane at Ojuela, Durango, Mexico on June 18, 1906.

Ojuela, Durango, Mexico

6/18 - 06

Mr. J. F. McLean

Woolsey, Ga.

My Dear Uncle -

Your welcome letter to hand but so sorry to hear of you being in poor health, I do hope you will improve fast and by the time I hear from you again I trust you will again be enjoying good health or be on the road to a speedy recovery.

Uncle I am not able to say whether I will get to come this summer or not yet. As working for a Co., it is hard to get more than a month layoff and I am quite sure if I only get one month off that my Texas kin will not leave that state under a month. But should I get 2 months I might be able to come this summer. If not then, I do not know when I can come.

I hope Grandma Jones health is better. I do wish to see her so much. I leave here July 1st for home provided my life is spared and nothing occurs to change my plans.

We had 4 men killed a few days ago and several crippled since. We are having some real warm weather here of late.

Again trusting that this will find your health improved and with best regards to all.

I am as ever

J R McLane


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